Roof repairs can be a tricky fix, that’s why it’s advised to leave it to a professional roofer who can ensure your roof and home are left in the best position possible. Whether you want to replace roof tiles completely to overhaul the look of your exterior or invest in new ones if you’ve noticed damaged tiles, Pepper Roofing can help.

Most roofs can last between 20-25 years, but over time they may be in need of repair because of a cracked roof tile or ones that have been misplaced. It’s best to get broken roof tiles mended before any further harm is done to your home such as a leaking roof that could affect the structure of your property which could cause more issues in the future. Our expert and experienced team can carry out the work required, whatever the size of your home, with our esteemed skillset and the finest materials.



A first choice for homeowners, roof tiles have a vast range of advantages making them a great choice when looking to invest in replacement tiles.

Aesthetically Pleasing – Available in a variety of colours, materials and designs they can complement the style of your home or enhance its overall look presenting a great first impression.

  • Durable – Withstanding all weather conditions from heavy rain to strong winds, a tiled roof can have a long lifespan if maintained properly.
  • Energy Efficient – Providing great thermal insulation benefits which help to keep homes warm in the winter and cool in the summer, roof tiles can reduce energy bills and lower your carbon footprint.
  • Low Maintenance – Compared to other roof materials, tiles are resistant to decay, rotting and insect damage, meaning they require little maintenance for upkeep.
  • Long-Term Value – Thanks to their durability and longer lifespan over time roof tiles can be a cost-effective solution that can last for decades and could increase the value of your home.


Replacing a roof entirely or fixing broken roof tiles requires an eye for detail and precision, that’s why a dedicated roofer to carry out the designated task is a must. Pepper Roofing will provide at first instance a thorough assessment of your roof at a time that suits best to visit your home. This gives us an opportunity to discuss what roof tile repairs need to be made and how we can reduce the risk of any potential further damage. These checks are aimed at delivering the best picture possible of the upcoming upgrade for a long-term solution that will last decades.

From removing and replacing concrete tiles that may be broken to sealing cracks and improving draining by repairing broken guttering, we deliver the best results for a variety of homes. Our dedicated team can also repoint mortar on parapet walls and chimneys, reposition cracks that have slipped and renew flashing around skylights to make it look as good as new. Our knowledge and skillset in this field stretches from flat roofing or an alternative roofing system, to slate roofs and concrete roofs demonstrating our comprehensive offering for customers and clients in Bridgwater, Taunton and Somerset.



Accredited by Redland Roofing Systems and MarleyEternit, our guaranteed quality of workmanship ensures the best outcomes for you and your home. The cost of roof tiles is dependent on the material, colour, size and amount needed for the project. That’s why it’s important to seek guidance and advice from a member of our team who will be able to provide an honest and transparent quote for the materials and labour, with no unexpected surprises at the end. We pride ourselves on presentation but also take health and safety very seriously when working at height. Hand-selecting materials and partnering with leading manufacturers for slate, clay and concrete roof tiling we excel in matching the style of your home and providing exact sizes to fit your requirements. Pepper Roofing deliver the full package as part of our portfolio and can also offer flat felt roofing services, chimney repointing, fascia and gutter repairs at a competitive rate so there’s no need to look elsewhere for your roof upgrade.


From your first call, our consultants guarantee customer satisfaction and can offer advice and guidance depending on your circumstances. We’ll arrange a visit at a time that suits you and discuss the plan of action moving forward. Consider us your all-under-one-roof assistance as not only do we highlight the problem, we supply all the materials and show how you can maintain it for the future. Or, for that completely fresh refurbishment we’ll happily showcase a number of options to suit your home – from slate roofs to concrete, our knowledge is second to none.

As well as tile roofing, Pepper Roofing can also provide flat felt roofing services, chimney repointing, fascia and gutter repairs as part of our esteemed portfolio of projects and commissions. We transform client’s roofs in areas such as Bridgwater, Burnham-on-Sea, Taunton, Wells and Weston-Super-Mare, and offer a free no obligation quote to domestic and commercial customers. 

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